Performance Benefits of Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Performance and Increased Horsepower:

Engine parts move easier with less friction and Amsoil synthetic oil reduces friction more effectively than conventional oils. Engine power can be used to drive the vehicle more efficiently when its parts don’t have to work as hard. This saves fuel and conserves energy. Several new Amsoil synthetic oil users report decreased shift points due to the increased engine power.


Fuel Economy Is Increased:

Less friction is created by Amsoil’s synthetic oils, fuel consumption is reduced and fuel economy is significantly increased. The engine works less when turning the wheels and less fuel is consumed when operating with Amsoil synthetic oil. The engine, transmission, and axles realize maximum savings when using Amsoil synthetic oils.


Immediate start-up protection:

The majority of all engine wear occurs at start-up – up to 60%. The use of high polarity base stocks, special anti-wear agents that form a thin film which clings to engine parts, preventing metal to metal contact, occurs when using Amsoil synthetic oils.

Lower operating temperatures:

Excessive operating temperatures, up to 20 degrees F, can be reduced by Amsoil synthetic oils verses conventional motor oils. Heat is generated by friction and less friction is created with Amsoil synthetic oils. Transferring heat away from the engine is more efficient than conventional oils which further enhances the cooling process.

Easier cold weather starting:

Wax impurities are contained in conventional oils that cause the oil to thicken in low temperatures, decreases engine oil flow at start-up and promotes premature wear. Sometimes the engine will not even turn over when the oil is too thick. Amsoil synthetic oil is pure and contains no wax. At 60 degrees below zero, Amsoil synthetic oil will pour as if it were summer. Amsoil synthetic oil eliminates the need for block heaters. If you are a user of Amsoil synthetic motor oils, then you already know no warm-up is needed and you can turn the key and go.

Increased Oil Change Intervals Equal Reduced Maintenance Costs:

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, in gas aspirated engines, is RECOMMENDED to run for 25,000 miles or one year (5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40) in a mechanically sound engine, providing of course, the oil is kept free of contaminants by using an Amsoil

Ea 25,000 mile oil filter. Amsoil coined the phrase “extended drain interval” and it’s been validated by almost 30 years of industry testing and by hundreds of thousands of motorists and millions of over-the-road miles. Based on their results, 25,000 miles is a conservative estimate. Other Amsoil engine oils, 15W40 as an example, carry a recommended change of two to three times the normal manufacturer’s recommended change interval.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil performs so well for so long because it doesn’t break down in intense heat as conventional petroleum oils do. It doesn’t form performance robbing deposits, and it doesn’t vaporize, which can adversely affect lubricant performance by altering viscosity and increasing oil consumption.

Finally, AMSOIL’s additive package, a key element in a lubricant’s ability to function, holds up under engine stresses, remaining serviceable for the full 25,000 miles and when the Amsoil BY-PASS Filter is used with a good oil analysis program the oil change may be extended to 100,000 miles and beyond.

Note also that extending drain intervals, like using AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil does not affect new car warranties. In fact, according to a GM representative, “Warranty applicability is contingent upon the cause of failure and generally covers defects in material and workmanship only.” In other words, the only situation in which warranty coverage would change is the case of lubricant-related failure (in which case the AMSOIL Limited Warranty protects the consumer).

Why are AMSOIL synthetic motor oils good for extended drain intervals?

It’s all in the formulation.  Because AMSOIL is made with the finest synthetic base-stocks, it resists thermal and oxidation breakdown, which suits it for extended drain use. AMSOIL pairs top-quality long-life synthetic base-stocks with top-quality long-life additives. The fact is, other oil companies don’t use the quality additives AMSOIL uses because it simply doesn’t pay to pair long-life additives with short-lived conventional basestocks.

Carefully controlled demonstrations conducted jointly between AMSOIL and various car fleets have proven the safety and effectiveness of the 25,000 mile AMSOIL drain interval. In fact, many entities with which AMSOIL has conducted demonstrations have used the oil for significantly longer drain intervals and still been rewarded with lower rates of engine wear than they were with conventional lubricants and conventional oil drain intervals.

Remember — AMSOIL synthetic lubricants may be used for extended drain intervals, but they don’t have to.

These are just the immediate benefits from AMSOIL synthetic oil, long term your engine will last much longer, you’ll have less time in the shop, and your vehicle will run like new longer.

No matter how you look at it, AMSOIL synthetic oil saves you time and money.

Performance Benefits of Amsoil Synthetic Oil

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