NGK IRIDIUM Spark Plugs and Power Cable Wire Sets

NGK IRIDIUM Spark Plugs and Power Cable Wire Sets:

The World Leader in Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires.

  • Maximum Engine Power   
  • Maximum Fuel efficiency
  • More Powerful Sparks
  • More Efficient Combustion
  • Longer Service Life
  • Faster Acceleration

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NGK Iridium IX spark plugs provide unsurpassed performance in auto/light truck and powersports applications.

The iridium alloy electrode is extremely durable to heat, corrosion and electrical wear.

The fine wire electrode reduces the amount of energy required to create a spark while providing increased ignition efficiency and superior ignitability.

The center electrode of Iridium IX spark plugs has an extra anti-fouling mechanism.

A thermo edge between the center electrode and the insulator nose provides a gap for a secondary micro-discharge to jump and initiate a self-cleaning process.

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NGK Power Cable Spark Plug Wire Sets:

  • Maximum voltage to the spark plugs for more powerful sparks
  • Superior lifetime performance
  • Protection against harsh under-hood conditions
  • Optimum Engine Performance



NGK Power Cables are high performance spark plug wires designed with ultra-low resistance for high-performance applications.

They are a perfect complement to the Iridium IX spark plugs.

Their silicone jacket minimizes voltage leak and is resistant to heat and chemical corrosion.

Reduced voltage loss means improved acceleration, smoother idling and cleaner fuel burning.

Coil wires are included for applications requiring them.

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NGK IRIDIUM Spark Plugs and Power Cable Wire Sets

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