Amsoil Improving Your Transmission

Amsoil Improving Your Transmission


We all know that the transmission in your vehicle affects many other things in cooperation. If you keep your transmission it top shape, many things can improve, such as how many miles to the gallon the car achieves, how smoothly the car drives, the horsepower, and how efficiently the car moves overall. One way to improve your transmission is to keep it stocked with transmission fluid, apply lube, or other products. When looking to purchase these products many will agree, Amsoil is great brand to shop for.

Their internationally acclaimed products are designed to fix specific problems are very reasonably priced. One place they can be found is on

For the transmission of your car, features many products made by Amsoil. They are guaranteed to keep your transmission in a happy and most productive state. Whether you drive manual or automatic, there is a product made specifically for your vehicle.

In the automatic transmission category, you can find the Amsoil Signature Series products.


  • There are eight different products in this category to help your automatic transmission in a variety of ways. The first of the products listed is The Fuel Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.

This quality product is recommended for use by GM, Ford, and Toyota transmissions in which lighter viscosity oil is required. Another outstanding product is the OE Fuel Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. This product was designed to provide passenger cars and light truck transmissions with excellent wear protection. Included in this product is sludge resistance and extreme temperature performance throughout original equipment manufacturer recommended drain intervals.
There are six other very helpful products on this page, to check them out yourself, click here!

Another category on features more products by Amsoil for a manual transmission and gear lube.

  • There are six products in this category guaranteed to improve the life of your car by keeping your manual transmission in great shape. A popular product from this page is the The Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid SAE 10W. It was specially designed for power shift and manual transmissions, wet brakes, and final drives. It was formulated for heavy duty power shift transmissions, and provides outstanding friction performance for enhanced clutch engagement. Also made to prevent slippage and glazing and to resist high temperature oxidation, varnish and sludge formation.

So improve your vehicle and wallet today by shopping at for Amsoil products.

Courtesy article by Courtney King.


Amsoil Improving Your Transmission

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