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10 Easy Ways to Improve Fuel Economy, Increase Horsepower & Save Money


Do you want to cut your cost on gas as well as get more horsepower?

It is very common in these day’s where folks want to cut down on the extra cost of fuel. Are you one of them? No problem you are in exact place. The experts at have combined progressive performance products as well as sound fuel efficiency techniques into a complete curriculum that modifies diesel fuel economy, gas mileage, raises horsepower and reduces service costs almost 50%.

According to US Department of Energy every day you are wasting 85% fuel from your total use! Don’t be surprised it is absolutely right, only 15% of fuel which you burn in your engine are used to move your vehicle.

What’s happening to the remaining 85%???

You can easily avoid wasting as vast amount of fuel by using the following instructions:

1. High Functioning Air filter:

This is one of the very easiest fuel efficiency & performance developments you can use and it usually performs within 10 minutes. A Standard air filters may become clogged and control airflow after only a couple of thousand miles and lessen your gas mileage as well as power as much as 10 percent. High performance air filters have less restriction to air flow which increases fuel efficiency at the same time horsepower. There are various types of air filter available on the market but all are not highly qualified some time a poor quality can harm for your engine.

Our AMSOIL air filters have high standard to enhance air flow and provide best filtration.

2. Fuel System Cleaners:

Engines require clean fuel injectors, valves, as well as combustion chambers for producing highest fuel economy along with performance. But burning diesel fuel and gasoline leaves particles which clog fuel injectors, fuel filters and emission methods. Additionally, combustion deposits increase valves, ports and pistons. These results in less proficient combustion, condensed horsepower as well as wasted energy. Daily cleaning or your fuel injection system along with combustion chambers is affordable and a simple way to enhance gas mileage and performance.


3. The Best Synthetic Motor Oil:

Another important thing is that can waste your energy, is when engines are constantly moving all the time, different metal parts of engine cause friction between one another and that creates wastes. Using oil can protect the metals and make them function smoothly. Usual motor oils break down fast, allows these parts to become closer, and makes it more difficult for your engine parts to run, i.e. cams, gears, and valves. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil is the industry standard.

AMSOIL Inc., is leading the way in automotive synthetic lubrication, forming the world’s first API qualified synthetic motor oil and continuing to date with their Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oils.

Various AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are able to last up to 25,000 miles which will save you a lot of cash on maintenance.
For the highest performance, improving gas mileage, and saving you money, AMSOIL is by far the best synthetic motor oil you can find.

4. Correct Tire Pressure:

Keeping tires correctly inflated will increase your gas mileage by shortening rolling resistance. This is one of most available and free methods to improve gas mileage yet is regularly the most unnoticed maintenance thing. Correct tire pressure is significant for excellent gas mileage, vehicle handling as well as safety. But how you measure it and use? It is time to learn about it and the correct tools to utilize.

5. High Functioning Spark Plugs:

Efficiency and Power in gasoline engines relies on systematically strong sparks. The powerful heat of combustion degrades the performance of typical spark plugs causing decreases in power as well as fuel economy. They will decrease their spark after 10,000 miles, and will be less intense causing imperfect fuel combustion which destroys energy.

NGK is the world’s leading spark plugs and wires manufacturer   NGK makes one of the top combinations available, covering mostly all types of vehicles.

They have been making first class products since 1936, and dominate the world market very successfully.


6. Driving Fuel Efficiently:

This is very important step; sometimes your driving habit or style can play an important role to save gas mileage. Be careful to use accelerator when driving. Your personal habits save you money as well as gas mileage, so create good accelerator habits that will serve you well unconsciously throughout your many years of driving.


7-8. Decreasing Drive Train Energy Losses:

Your differentials and transmission are another component where energy is wasted by heat created with friction. Steel and Iron gears rubbing together beneath high loads use fuel and power. By putting the finest low friction synthetic oils you can find, these losses dramatically decrease and significantly reduce wear together. These oils last longer and able to perform well 100,000 miles in trucks and cars. This means lower costs and greater savings. The numerous types of, Manual Transmission Oil as well as Synthetic Gear Oil created at AMSOIL have proven scientifically what works best and are unsurpassed in quality.

9. Auto Tune Up and Repair?

You perhaps know this but the miles pass by quickly when you are an active driver. To maintain your vehicle fuel efficiency, running its best, you need to provide regular maintenance. Some engine parts loose effectiveness over time as they wear as well as get dirty.

In addition, keeping your vehicle up to date, engines have a lot of composite emission controls as well as sensors that can degrade and lessen your gas mileage along with performance. If your engine light is on, then you need to find out what’s causing it and either take care of it or have a qualified mechanic fix it.

No one enjoys paying for auto repairs, but you’ll pay for it at the gas pump if you do not get it repaired. Also keep track of any problems or changes with your brakes and have them checked along with your tires while at the mechanic shop. Good brakes and tires are very essential to your safety and will assist you greatly in avoiding delays and/or accidents.


10. Free Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage:

The main thing to accomplishing maximum vehicle operation and gas mileage is to add together all the tips, implementing them before they become larger obstacles demanding immediate attention.